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Svengali Butterfly Playing Cards Version 2 (Red) by Ondrej Psenicka

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    A Svengali deck is the all time best seller of magic shops around the world and it is now finally available with the Butterfly Playing Cards back design.

    It's a trick deck that allows for some incredible visual effects without a need of any sleight-of-hand. It is a fantastic deck of cards for beginner magicians and advanced professionals alike.

    A Svengali deck is gimmicked so the spectator will always cut to the same card. Also, the deck allows you to display it with either different cards or showing only a single card throughout the whole deck.

    The Svengali decks include 52 cards (26 force cards + 26 random cards), no jokers and don't include any other gaff cards. Made from red Butterfly Playing Cards.

    No instructions are included.