Octobre 2023

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Bicycle Boo Back Playing Cards (Orange)


A fresh new batch of Boo Backs - now in a spooky shade of orange!The Bicycle Boo Back Playing Cards are a whimsical take on the classic Bicycle layout. They bring a sense of fun and nostalgia to any g..

Joker Magic

Wooden ESP Prediction Cards by Joker Magic


A set of premium quality wooden ESP cards, a perfect accessory for any ESP trick, as we have engraved "PREDICTION" on the back of every card!At the beginning of a trick we can put one of them on an e..


The Mystery Stick by TCC & Jimmy Fan


The Mystery Stick is a modern take on the classic Pom-pom Prayer Stick/Chinese Sticks trick, which was first described in the Chinese magic book published in 1889. This close-up version features a bra..


Jerry's Nugget Monotone (Metallic Green) Playing C...


LIMITED EDITION OF 2500 DECKSIn 1970, the iconic Jerry's Nugget playing cards were born, and today, we proudly celebrate their 50th anniversary. We are thrilled to share a momentous announcement: a co..

Alan Wong



Tell your friend you will try to read her mind. You bring out a small post it note pad and show different words written on each page. Your spectator freely selected a word while your back is turned an..

Selector by Joker Magic


A unique-looking, precise device that the spectators can examine (no electronics involved). The spectator can select a card by rotating the gears in the device, either by random or with a certain card..

Apple Pi Playing Cards by Kings Wild Project


Continuing a beloved, light-hearted playing card series, Apple Pi is a deck of traditional playing cards designed by Jackson Robinson.The Pi Series of playing cards was started over two years ago with..



Making Magic is a book about my magic. In it I have gathered together 60 of my favorites routines. These are not pipe dreams but practical solutions to strong effects. Magic that has rewarded me with ..

Murphy's Magic

Australian Aces by Nick Trost & Murphy's Magic


Nick Trost's Australian Aces is quite possibly the best monte on the market! You openly display four cards (three Aces of Diamonds and an Ace of Clubs). You then ask the spectator to follow the black ..

MAGIC SHOW Coloring Book DELUXE SET (4 way) by Mur...


MMS is proud to present the most popular effect in children's magic IMPROVED!...The Magic Coloring Book DELUXE SET!This Beautiful Set Includes all of the necessary tools to turn the Magic Show Colorin..




Terry is a talented magician and we are proud to have released several of his creations. Each effect is a unique display of his creativity and ingenuity.We have once again collaborated with Terry to b..




The Lota Bowl, which originated in ancient India in 3000 BC, is the oldest documented form of magic. Originally used in ceremonies to perform miracles, it has since become one of the most common props..

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