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La catégorie "Street Magic" de notre boutique de magie propose un large choix de tours et d'équipements pour les magiciens de rue. Ici, vous trouverez tout ce dont vous avez besoin pour devenir un magicien de rue professionnel, avec des astuces adaptées aux débutants comme aux experts. Nous sommes fiers d'offrir uniquement les meilleurs fabricants et marques d'équipements de magie de rue, y compris des tours de passe-passe de qualité, des jeux de cartes, des pièces de monnaie, des bagues, des mouchoirs et bien plus encore. De plus, nous proposons également des tutoriels et des guides pour vous aider à apprendre les astuces et à devenir un magicien de rue à succès. Parcourez notre catégorie "Street Magic" aujourd'hui et découvrez tout ce que nous avons à offrir pour améliorer votre art de la magie de rue.

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Joel Dickinson

THE EXPERIMENT by Joel Dickinson

Disponible le 30 juillet

They said teleportation would never exist-until now. Welcome to The Experiment! Ready to defy reality? Here is what happens:The performer introduces three cards and a matchbox. Inside the box is a sin..


SLEEK by Jeki Yoo


This cool magic lets you turn a Credit Card into a pair of stylish Sunglasses in seconds. It's super easy to use, so anyone can do it and look cool. It's great for social media and live shows, making..

Triple X by iNFiNiTi


TRIPLE X is an Xtra Xtra Xtra strong object to impossible location.Borrow something small from a spectator, such as a ring, signed coin (or mint), and produce it from inside the middle of an unopened,..

Apollo's Secret Message by Hugo Valenzuela


The magician gives a card to choose. Then, the magician assisted by a video from his cell phone, tells a story of a space trip to the moon on Apollo 15 in 1971. A moon necklace will travel from the vi..

Victor Voitko

NanoPen Set by Viktor Voitko


Magic with ordinary objects always causes more surprise than tricks with special objects. Nano Pen is the perfect product. You can always carry it with you and are always ready to perform a trick. Th..



Impromptu, reliable, and phenomenal.Imagine this: a spectator, Jade, rolls an imaginary die, and decides that the result is 3. Then, with her phone, she consults any Wikipedia article out of millions,..

Hanson Chien Prodution Company - HCPC

Phoenix by Higar & Hanson Chien - Euro Version


"Phoenix is the best bill restoration ever in world history. If you're looking for a trick that comes close to REAL magic, look no further. I believe this is the one." - Hanson ChienTake a bill, punct..

Infinity Deck by Craig Petty and Lloyd Barnes


"The Infinity Deck is a full show in your pocket! It will allow you to perform magic and mentalism to an all-new level. Incredible revelation, mind reading and powerful magic always ready to go! This ..

Hot (Half Dollar size) by Alexander Marsh


Now available in a larger half-dollar size with simplified artwork for ultra-clear visuals! NOTE: After the release of HOT it came to our attention that a similar method was released by Colin McLeod i..

Gigacube by Maxim Durocher


GigaCube by Maxim Durocher is a fascinating self-solving cube that redefines the puzzle-solving experience. Unlike traditional Rubik's cubes that require complex algorithms and manual manipulation, th..

Leviosa Holder by João Miranda Magic


Invented by Andrew Hall and designed by Ian Barradell and João Miranda, the Leviosa Deck holder is a must-have accessory for every professional who performs Leviosa.The holder sits in your jacket pock..

IARVEL REMOTE by Iarvel Magic and Bluether Magic


BASIC EFFECT:Struggling to control your IARVEL WATCH without raising eyebrows? Worried phone manipulation might expose your secrets? The IARVEL REMOTE is here to save the day! This discreet, intuitive..

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