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Overdraft (Gimmicks and Online Instructions) by Pa...


They say crime doesn't pay, but whoever said that didn't own Overdraft.Overdraft is a set of precision engineered gimmicks that give you the power to perform EXPLOSIVE feats of magic and mentalism.Mee..

Eric Chien

PORTAL by Eric Chien


Are you ready to create an impression on your audience that will last a lifetime?Developed by Eric Chien (FISM Grand Prix Champion)... Portal has revolutionized the time honored effect of penetrating ..

Mickael Chatelain

VIP by Mickael Chatelain


Take three VIP plates out of your pocket.Except for a different QR-CODE on each, the plates are 100% identical, so there is nothing to see!(Before you start, ask your spectator to put his cell phone o..

Impossible Tear Bank Notes USD (Gimmicks and Onlin...


Impossible Tear Banknotes by MagicWorld & PrintByMagic are the most perfect stage money for use within your magic tricks.They are made from a super smooth no tear material (better than Tyvek) and also..

DUALITY Lite by Cobra Magic


Would you believe that you can embed a free-thought number into a pre-recorded video, while it is playing?YES, with Cobra Magic's Duality Lite on your mobile phone you can do exactly that!You show you..

Taiwan Ben Magic Shop

Flipper Cookie (Gimmick and Online Instructions) b...


"Ben's Flipper Cookie is great! It allows you to perform a visual magic with the ordinary cookies!"- Jeki Yoo"This prop used in casual situations is very unexpected and hard hitting, I love this."- Ni..

The Bite by Manu Llari & Iván Garcia


With the next routine you will stop impressed to all kinds of public, so much I profane, since to magicians! Based on the classic game of cards from " The Vampire " there comes "The Bite", a completel..

FPS Zeta Wallet Black (Gimmicks and Online Instruc...


Brent Braun's FPS Zeta Wallet is the next evolution in the FPS Wallet series. Throughout two years of extensive R&D along with real world testing, Brent is proud to present his version of the Z-fo..

Himitsu Magic

CANPOSSIBLE by Hawin & Himitsu Magic


Visual explosion of color changes, different prophecies can also be made with different drinks, and even different items such as silk scarves, snowflakes, etc. can be changed!!The CanPossible of Boo M..

CHANGELING (Gimmicks and Online Instructions) by P...


"Changeling" by Peter Eggink A super visual, hands-off card change.A card is selected (signed) by the spectator and returned in the pack. Next, the cards are shuffled and a random card is sandwiched i..

Hanson Chien Presents Crazy Sam's Handcuffs by Sam...


"This trick looks like REAL MAGIC."- Michael Ammar"This is the revolution of Crazy Man's Handcuffs."- Hanson ChienBASIC EFFECTA HYPER visual rubber band penetration effect where a rubber band is stret..

French Drop, Ltd.

WHO INSIDE by French Drop

Disponible le 6 Octobre

"WHO INSIDE" by Hideki Tani. A second release of Tani's original work.The previously sold "Rattle Dice Case" was also very popular, but the second installment, Who Inside, was so powerful that magicia..

Affichage 1 à 12 de 1430 (120 Pages)