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Josh Zandman

Unseen: The Invisible Man by Josh Zandman


"I've been using Zandman books and a long word method book (All About Eve, then switching to The End). This might be the best method I've ever seen for that plot."- Mike S"THIS IS BRILLIANT!!!"- David..

Wayne Dobson

Wayne Dobson's Legacy (3 Book Set with Slipcase) b...


The life, legacy, and most cherished secrets of one of magic's most iconic performers and creators has been captured in a magnificent three-book set.Wayne Dobson is one of the finest magicians to come..

Card Craft by J.K. Hartman - Book


Features:Over 200 routines Almost 700 pages Hardbound 1,500 illustrations"A marvelous work that has inspired many, many card magicians. It certainly inspired me! Without this book, your card magic edu..

Totally Out of Control Supreme MME Edition by Chri...


SUPREME MME EDITION40 routines 272 pages of madness, mayhem, and great magic Hardbound Over 500 illustrations "I am a confessed Kenner fan ... he takes a humorous and stylistic approach to his present..

Richard Osterlind's UFB (Universal Book Test)


Ever since 2014, Richard Osterlind and Jim Sisti have been discussing producing a line of original book tests featuring classic and innovative ideas. Finally, after much blood, sweat and tears, our fi..

Genii Magazine

Genii Magazine December 2023 - Book


GENII THE CONJURORS' MAGAZINE VOLUME 86 NUMBER 12DECEMBER 2023FEATURES Jeanette Andrews: Sensory Contemporary Artist by Chloe OlewitzAlex Jarrett and The Amazing Rise of Champions of Magic by Carl Mer..

Fraser Parker

Noah's Ark Prop-less Animal Guess by Fraser Parker...


"Do you like mentalism that is propless, fun, quick, and animal-related? Then get Noah's Ark by Fraser. It provides all the above. It is a great method and effect to have in your arsenal, as it can be..

Murphy's Magic

13 Steps To Mentalism Special Edition Set by Corin...


"13 Steps to Mentalism, I remember the first time reading 13 Steps to Mentalism and being mind-blown at having a whole world open up to me. I find myself constantly going back to 13 Steps for inspirat..

Genii Magazine

Genii Magazine November 2023 - Book


GENII THE CONJURORS' MAGAZINE VOLUME 86 NUMBER 11NOVEMBER 2023FEATURES The Passion of Michael Vincent by Mike CaveneyTenyo 2024 by Richard KaufmanTenyo Magic Festival 2023 by Yuki KadoyaCOLUMNS Genii ..

Genii Magazine October 2023 - Book

Hors de production

GENII THE CONJURORS' MAGAZINE VOLUME 86 NUMBER 10October 2023FEATURES Caveney Reveals The Spirit Cabinet by Mike CaveneyMAGIC Live! by Dustin Stinett and Krystyn Lambert COLUMNS Genii Speaks by Richar..

Perception Shaped as a Coin by Miguel Angel Gea - ...


This DVD takes you in an important direction - that of visual perception. Much of our magic is based not only on sleights or misdirection but, additionally, on an understanding of perceptual "tricks" ..

Don Globo o la Forma del Aire (Spanish Only) - Boo...


El arte de esculpir figuras con globos, de todas las formas, colores y tamaños. Primero la técnica y luego las figuras, posibles e imposibles. Una curiosa afición para gente de cualquier edad.Técnicas..

Affichage 1 à 12 de 1965 (164 Pages)