Blades and metals

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The magician removes a surgical scalpel and uses it to easily cut through a piece of white paper to prove its sharpness, the magician then places the blade into his/her mouth in front of the audience ..

Funny Folding Comb


Funny Folding Comb



It looks like a folding knife that will be scary to pull it out suddenly, but when you press the button, a comb will pop up. Very funny.Length of folded comb: 13cm, unfold: 23cm...


Orbit Tally Ho Circle Back (Red) Playing Cards


For the first time ever, Tally-Ho is featuring a Co-branded collaboration with Orbit Playing Cards / Chris Brown. The deck is designed by Daniel Schneider and features Bicycle thin crushed stock for t..

Di Fatta

Chinese Linking Rings - Chromed - Cm 20 (9 inches)


Eight independent chrome rings are magically chained together and unchained again, right in front of the audience's eyes!• Suitable for both close up shows and stage performances.• Well-crafted with e..

Gustavo Raley

Selfie Catch (Gimmicks and Online Instructions) by...


Gustavo Raley created a new method to find a signed card.Selfie sticks are daily elements for everyone, reason why the magic effect it is even more amazing.Take a picture with any spectator after free..

Di Fatta

Spike Through Tongue


The performer pushes a solid steel spike through his tongue. After the spike has penetrated, the tongue is displayed with the spike going through it in a most convincing manner. Finally the ..

Tenyo Magic

Sword Reward by Tenyo Magic


An impossible, yet visual, transposition!The gimmick built into this box enables you to perform an instantaneous transposition so impossible it will cause audiences to question their own eyes. This cl..

Murphy's Magic

Deformer by Menny Lindenfeld


"DEFORMER™ by Menny Lindenfeld is the most amazing metal bending tool I have ever seen."- URI GELLERMenny Lindenfeld, the creator of the OX BENDER™, brings you DEFORMER™ - The ultimate LIVE SHOW BENDI..

Sweet and Sharp by World Magic Shop - DVD

World Magic Shop

Sweet and Sharp by World Magic Shop - DVD



Sweet and Sharp brings Smash and Stab bang up to date. A fantastic routine with a killer twist your audience will never see coming. Sweet and Sharp leads the audience up the garden path then hits them..

Jimmy Strange Magic

Re-Volution by Jimmy Strange


PK effects are powerful demonstrations of magic. And there's no better demonstration of using this power than with the self-winding nut and bolt. But Re-Volution takes this to a whole new level. Th..

Mr. Magic

Disecto Arm Chopper Painted by Mr. Magic


The magician brings a spectacular-looking cutting instrument onto the stage. Explaining that he would like to test the courage of one of his audience members, he invites the most courageous person to ..

Razor Blade Magic by Byrd & Coats - DVD

Anubis Media Corporation

Razor Blade Magic by Byrd & Coats - DVD



Are you tired of the same old dull magic? Are you looking for a DVD that's a cut above the rest? Maybe you're just looking to sharpen your skills. Join Nicholas Byrd and James Coats as they teach you ..

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