Blades and metals

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Deluxe Traditional Chinese Linking Rings 6 Rings S...


The Linking Rings is one of the most popular effects in the history of magic. Magnets Hold the Gimmick Ring Locked! The magnetic connection is smooth as butter! Perform all the sleights with ease! ..

Di Fatta

Chinese Linking Rings - Chromed - Cm 20 (9 inches)


Eight independent chrome rings are magically chained together and unchained again, right in front of the audience's eyes!• Suitable for both close up shows and stage performances.• Well-crafted with e..

Gustavo Raley

Selfie Catch (Gimmicks and Online Instructions) by...


Gustavo Raley created a new method to find a signed card.Selfie sticks are daily elements for everyone, reason why the magic effect it is even more amazing.Take a picture with any spectator after free..

Di Fatta

Spike Through Tongue


The performer pushes a solid steel spike through his tongue. After the spike has penetrated, the tongue is displayed with the spike going through it in a most convincing manner. Finally the ..

Linking Hangers by Albert Tam

Hors de production

As one of the most classic linking effects in magic,the set of Linking Hangers entertain the audience as they are linked and unlinked, and they can also be constructed some interesting figures such as..

Rodger Lovins

OUR VERY BEST Color Changing Knives by Rodger Lovi...


We have been selling magician's knives since 1985 and feel that this set is the "very best" we have ever offered to the magic community. These knives are made with dark brown jigged bone and pearl whi..

Devil's Nail Laser Beam Edition 2.0

Devil's Nail Laser Beam Edition 2.0


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Great Magic Electronic from China Magic Shop allows you to use virtually any size cup that can accommodate the 5.5 inch nail! Electronic with remote control Very high quality ! LOW PRICE!!!A real big ..

Ouch! by Quique Marduk


A new and a very visible card and hand stab! The magician asks a spectator to select a card from the deck, and after showing it to the audience, he returns it to the middle of the deck. Taking a knife..

Eric Ross

Hook (Gimmicks and Online Instructions) by Eric Ro...

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Eric Ross has invented a trick that we swear will be the new roulette routine. We hope you will agree. Imagine placing a hook in your mouth. Several strings dangle from your lips. One of them is attac..


Tora Magic




This effect is astonishing! Incredibly mysterious! Show the audience a sword. Take an apple or orange and push the sword through them. Then push the sword through the stocks and show it to the audienc..


Deluxe 11.5 cm Linking Rings (Set of 4 - Chrome) b...


Close-up version of the Linking Rings, with super attention to detail!The Linking Rings is one of the most popular and classic magic tricks in the world. There are many wonderful magicians who have pr..

Tenyo Magic

Sword Reward by Tenyo Magic


An impossible, yet visual, transposition!The gimmick built into this box enables you to perform an instantaneous transposition so impossible it will cause audiences to question their own eyes. This cl..

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