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Knotted Necklace by JT


Knotted Necklace is a 'knots off necklace' effect. Magician shows a necklace and makes 3 knots, then he takes the 3 knots off the necklace magically. The 3 knots become real! Then he puts the knots ba..

Key Project


Do you like Every day Carry (EDC) magic? Then Key Project is made for you! This is an original kit of keys to do a card reveal. You will always have it on you.You show two regular keys on a keyring, a..

SHOWCASE 2.0 (Universal) by Thomas Sealey and Mark...


'The dawn of a new age in card to phone'- Kieron Johnson'I just wanted to reach out and say I'm reviewing SHOWCASE 2.0 in upcoming VANISH as one of the top products at Blackpool. As soon as you showed..

Greek Fire by Axel Vergnaud


The complete lighter magic set by Axel VergnaudThis is a complete lighter magic set that will allow you to perform close-up miracles. You'll be ready to amaze with six extremely visual effects with a ..

Joel Dickinson

WARPZAG by Joel Dickinson


"Card Warp is one of my favorite effects of all time. And this is Card Warp on steroids. How on earth can you do card warp with no cover and have their card examinable? And then follow up with basical..

Matthew Wright



Brass Buttons has been described by many as the best "Copper, Silver, Brass" set ever created. This new "Silver Edition" takes everything that made Brass Buttons so great and visually elevates it with..

Bigger (Gimmicks and Online Instructions) by Nikol...


Bigger is a perfect EDC with one of the most common everyday objects - a lighter.You point out the small BIC logo on the lighter and ask your audience if they can read it. You mention it would be easi..

Tetracube by Maxim Durocher & Magic Dream


"Tetracube is an ingenious design. Congratulations, Maxim. You have solved a problem I'd always wanted to solve!"- Henry HARRIUSTetracube is an instant self solving cube - in the air - that anyone can..

Wild Shock by Tejinaya - Trick (colors may vary)


Intense visual magic with three moments of magic in a row! The changes look amazing!A card is chosen from the deck. The card you chose is the 7 of Hearts. The magician holds the next random card from ..

JAVA (Gimmicks & Online Instruction) by Peter ...


Strong, visual magic performed with everyday objects is every magician's dream. JAVA by Peter Eggink provides an organic, original concept to re-create some well known plots in magic. Your coffee cup ..






The Wonder Wallet is handmade from high quality German plastic material, this guaranties the long durability of it.The performer takes out from his pocket a wallet which has a rectangle hole in the mi..

Perfo by Alexis Touchard


If you want highly visual magic, here you have it!Two cards are selected by two different spectators. The magician then shows a prediction card that is is full of holes.Just a shake, and the holes vis..

Affichage 1 à 12 de 112 (10 Pages)