Transformations and penetrations

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Pip Card Magnetic Jumbo by Uday


Pip Card Magnetic Jumbo by Uday



A 30,5 x 21 cm sized card. A pip on one side and 4 on the other . When turned, changes into 3 and 6 pips respectively. Finally they change into 2 and 8 pips...

Incredible Moving Hole


A moving hole...simply AMAZING!The magician shows a black plastic strip with a white central part. On one black end there is a hole into which a peg (toothpick, match, etc.) is passed. It is unequivoc..




Three balls resembling the colors of traffic signal lights are placed in a cylinder one by one. When the cylinder is removed, the balls are seen jumped from one position to another! A very fun trick ..

Tora Magic

4D Cube by Tora Magic

Disponible le 20 février

The performer shows a frame enclosing the black and white drawing of a famous cube! A moment later the magician's drawing will color... and finally the cube will jump out of the drawing!• The size of ..

Eternal Money Card Box by DreamMaker


A magician took out five large playing cards, and each time they put two in the box, his cards were immediately recovered to five. When the audience thinks this is just pure poker magic, the magician'..

Molten (Props and Online Instructions) by Morgan S...


Borrow a glass bottle from a spectator and pour out any remaining liquid. Then, without any unnatural movement, begin to alter the physical properties of the bottle by simply rubbing it with both hand..

Tora Magic

Magical Frame by Tora Magic


The performer displays a frame that encloses a black and white drawing of a magician. He gives a spectator 4 cards each with a spot of a different color. He then asks the spectator  to choose a c..




How do we tell if a magic effect is good?Time will tell if an effect is good.It is really hard to judge the quality of a magic effect, however, good magic effects can withstand the test of time and be..

Jordan Victoria

Melty by Jordan Victoria


With MELTY you will now be able to take the classic Sharpie™ through card to the next level.More logical, MELTY allows you to visually penetrate a lighter through a signed card and give them for exami..

Appearing cubes by Pen & MS Magic


The perfect magic for the stage magic beginner.This set can accomplish many quite different effects:AppearancesVanishesMultiple appearancesPerpetual (reappearing) cubesTransformations - Easy to do- 10..

Di Fatta

Sword thru balloon


Truly the ultimate version of the balloon penetration effect.Insert a balloon into the tube and pierce it with two solid spikes. The balloon does not "pop" but remains inflated! Show the inside of the..

Juan Pablo Ibañez

Harlequin's Pipe by Juan Pablo


Great Cigarette Routine! The magician makes cigarettes appear and disappear, in a simple and very magical way. All mixed with appearances of cigarette holders, lighters and, for a memorable ending .....

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