Magie avec Feu

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French Twins

Flash Me by Les French Twins


A creation by Les French Twins.Imagine presenting a blank business card with a QR code to your spectator. They choose a celebrity, a country, an animal or a movie... You, then show a QR code and ask t..

Boom Deck by Wonder Makers


Boom Deck by Wonder Makers is the most explosive magic trick of 2020, that has taken the internet by storm with over 30 million views in total!The illusionist gives the viewer an invisible weapon. He ..

Bond Lee

Inflamed by Bond Lee


Inflamed is an electronic ashtray, the perfect device to ignite your magic. You can display an innocence ashtray, then magician place a piece of paper in the ashtray, paper will ignite spontaneously a..

Secret Voice by ZF Magic, Bond Lee & MS Magic


Secret Voice produced by ZF Magic and MS Magic. Secret Voice, the secret sound system every professional performer needs. Secret Voiceis a portable sound system that allows you to control music and so..

Fire Stealer by Wing's Magic


Note: This fire product is intended for magicians over the age of 18. Please be aware that the flash paper necessary for performance is not included in this product due to shipping restrictions. You c..

Pyro Kinesis 3 by Magic Smith


It's BRAND NEW! Pyro Kinesis 3 (PK3) is a REVOLUTIONARY redesign of one of our most famous effects. Pick up any unprepared matchbook and unfold it. Now, with just the matchbook at your fingertips, yo..



A cigarette slowly floats out of its pack and up to your mouth. Suddenly the pack changes into a box of matches. The drawer slides open by itself and a match float out, strikes itself, then floats up ..

TORNADO by Peter Eggink


Smoke in a Glass ReinventedPerform the classic "Smoke to Glass" as never before -for the first time ever it's super visual, super easy and super practical to perform. Tornado is the closest thing to r..

Di Fatta

Fire Box by Vincenzo di Fatta

Disponible le 20 juillet

The magician shows an elegant box with two holes on its sides; he puts a silk inside the box, running it through the two holes. Suddenly the box bursts into flames, but the silk doesn't burn down... i..


The Chinese Teapot by TCC Magic


Introducing the brand-new Chinese Magic Teapot - A blend of tradition and new innovative surprises.Throughout history, the teapot or kettle has been used in various magic effects, like pouring water e..

Impossible Charger by Roman Slomka & TCC Magic


CAUTION: Please avoid inserting the Impossible Charger into a real wall socket to prevent product damage and the potential for electric shock. The Impossible Charger is designed solely for performance..

SenseTag by João Miranda and Julio Montoro


From the creative minds of João Miranda and Julio Montoro arrives SenseTag. This effect is a modern take on the classic object to impossible location, where a coin or wedding ring vanishes and reappea..

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