Productions and Vanishes

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Multiplayer Handkerchief (Red) by PlayTime Magic D...


IncludesA secretly prepared fabric handkerchiefLink with instructionsA multipurpose handkerchief for productions, changes and vanishes of small objects.The handkerchief is designed with an secretly co..

Tora Magic

Magical Hats by Tora Magic


The Magic Hat is the most captivating magical object ever: it has a timeless appeal to the public and immediately identifies a magician!Looking for a way of magic to touch your customers heart and mak..

Tora Magic

Production Box - Folding


The magician opens a box and show that it is completely empty. He closes it, makes s a magical gesture, and then produces silks and other objects from inside it! A classic of magic, in a practica..

That's Fishy (Gimmicks and Online Instructions) by...


A fun Fin-ish for the Vanishing Bottle.You start by performing the classic vanishing bottle routine, then as a surprise ending you produce a glass of water with a realistic goldfish out of the bag.Inc..

Tora Magic

Fun Cube by Tora Magic


The magician shows an envelope from which he takes out a large red die. He places it on a base, surrounds it with a frame and covers everything with a lid. He then makes magical gestures towards the e..

Okito Box Natural

Disponible le 20 mars

EFFECT 1 - The magician puts one or more coins into the Box and closes it with the lid. He places it on the back of his hand and then taps the lid. Magically the coins fall on the table penetrati..


Inferno by Joshua Jay - Large Index


Joshua Jay has worked for years on a seemingly-impossible goal:  a NAMED card appears in a matchbox. No deck, no riffle force, no complications. Just one card in play, inside the matchbox...the ..

Twister Magic

CANDY FACTORY by George Iglesias & Twister Mag...


Introducing the Candy Factory by George Iglesias!Picture a mysterious factory inside of a box! You swing open both doors to reveal an empty interior. But hold onto your hats, because in the blink of a..

Di Fatta

Flowers From Empty Bag by Vincenzo Di Fatta


The magician shows his audience an empty paper bag and invites a spectator to put his hand inside to confirm that there is nothing in it. Immediately, the magician puts his hand in the bag, and makes ..

Sword Thru Head


Show a wooden chest with sliding doors in the front and back. Put the chest around blindfolded spectator’s head and remove both the doors so that all can clearly see spectator’s head inside the box an..

Di Fatta

Production Drum

Disponible le 20 janvier

The magician displays a simple, completely empty tube. Covering both ends with tissue paper makes it look like a small drum. He plays it by drumming it with his fingers and, after a moment, breaks a p..

Instant Magician Dress


The magician invites a spectator to help him and claims that he will make him, instantly, a magician! The fundamental thing to be a good illusionist, and to be able to implement the appropriate skills..

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