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Wolfgang's Library Prediction


If this trick reminds you of a classic, you are right, but it has been updated to add a fun twist to it making it into a new routine that gives it more stage time. It can now be done for a greater aud..

Tora Magic

Jockey Chips by Tora Magic


Chips are a popular snack that people all over the world are familiar with. In this game, you will see two stunning color changes of the chips, which will magically touche the hearts of your audience...


Remote Controlled Fart Machine 2


Remote Controlled Fart Machine No.2 is the successor to the original, highly-successful fart machine. This replacement has 15 louder sounds and now works up to 100 feet!The new boom box feature adds m..

Tenyo Magic

Tenyo - Lucky Strings

Disponible le 30 octobre

Five strings extend from an envelope, but only one string is attached to the winning bell at the bottom.Allow your spectator to choose four of the strings and the final string remains for you.Pull eac..

The Essel Magic

Mouth Coil 50ft / 15 M (12/Rainbow) by Premuim Mag...


A slim version of the classic mouth coil which is so popular among magicians. This slim version is easier to hide in hand or in mouth.These are made up of tissue paper and therefore handle carefully t..



Gives a special touch to the "Paddle Move" thanks to its visual impact, since the viewer literally sees how a ball comes out of an image and then magically returns to it.You will receive a beautiful h..

MEGABUCKS by Jeff McBride


MEGABUCK$ is a great opener!Super visual! Show a $100 bill and there is NOTHING else in your hand, crumple up the bill and it instantly produce a HUGE 36" $100 Silk! Perform surrounded! Short Sleeve..

JUMBO £2 (pound sterling) coin


After being long unavailable Discount Magic has manufactured these highly sought after jumbo coins.Created to our specifications with an extra added effect included on the back of the coinThe producti..

DOWN TO ONE (Gimmicks & Online Instructions) b...


"As soon as I saw Down to One I had to get it. It is simple, strong and an easy fit into almost any show. I hate Jon even more for coming up with this!"- John Archer"This is not just a great trick (an..

Di Fatta

Egg Prediction

Disponible le 20 Octobre

Show an egg, four stands, a hammer and four coffee cups. Ask a spectator to place the egg on any of the stands and turm over the cups to cover all the egg stands, and mix them all up, so that you will..

Sorcier Magic

BAR MAGIC by Sorcier Magic


We are pleased to present a transition effect, innovative, simple and with a sure impact on the public. A black tray is shown on which three transparent glasses are placed. From three smaller glasses,..

Facsimile (Time Machine) by Michael Daniels


ONCE UPON A TIME there was a Book Test that ticked every box. That time is now.Facsimile (from Latin fac simile, "to make alike") is a copy or reproduction of an old book, manuscript, map, art print, ..

Affichage 1 à 12 de 859 (72 Pages)