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SUGAR BUNNY by Steve Fearson


If there is one trick people associate with magicians more than any other, it's making a rabbit appear. But pulling a rabbit out of your hat at a restaurant or coffee shop just isn't practical, let al..

Alan Wong

Influence by Steve Cook and Alan Wong


A delightfully, unique & deceptive twist on the Free Will premise!Partly inspired by the Free Will premise, but with a unique and different method. No force, no ambiguous written prediction, in fact, ..

Movie Quiz (Gimmicks and Online Instructions) by J...


What's Included:MB MAGIC presents "Movie Quiz - Quote Edition," you'll receive a complete package designed to enhance your magical performances. Inside the stylish tuck box, you'll find:- A pack of 58..

David Jonathan

Synergy (Gimmicks and Online Instructions) by Davi...


Create impossible predictions in real time on your phone!From the creator of VOX comes Synergy, which takes multiple outs into the next stratosphere. Hundreds of possible outcomes can be effortlessly ..

S Pendulum by Steve Marchello


S'pendulum is effortless to use and can be instantly reset. Without electronics and designed fashionably.The spectator chooses one card freely and then shuffles it. The spectator's chosen card is foun..

THE TIME MACHINE by Hugo Valenzuela


Originality and surprise are part of this magic trick.In this trick we play with the idea that the deck of cards is a set of images that can be remembered.One of the random images (the card chosen by ..


Mini Roulette by TCC


The magician presents a small wooden block with a sharp spike protruding from it. The audience is invited to examine the spike carefully before it is placed in one of four identical paper bags. The ba..

SCRIBE by Christian Grace


SCRIBE, LOOKS LIKE YOU DO NOTHING. SHOWS THAT YOU KNEW EVERYTHING!Thumb-writing is sloppy, illegible and unconvincing - it's why most magicians don't use it.The outcome usually looks like hieroglyphs ..


Corner of Picadilly


by Paul GordonAn entertaining Three-Card Monte effect with a great kicker ending. Perfect for every closeup magician.Starts & Ends 'Clean'Visual Fun & MagicalAverage Skill RequiredNo Gaffed Ca..

Cell Pop by Ruben Goni


A collaboration between two renowned gimmick manufacturers: Andrew from Brazil and Rubén Goñi from Argentina!You will be able to start from one phone box, produce four and take out a real phone at the..

Gustavo Raley

Transparent by Smagic Productions


More than words just take a look at the video to fall in love with this fantastic effect!More than just a gimmick, it's also a beautiful object. You can put it on your desk or somewhere where everyone..

Joao Miranda

EQUALIZER by Joao Miranda


Hearing is one of our most important senses.What if we could alter the perception of it?João Miranda and his team developed, from the ground-up, a state-of-the-art speaker system that will alter your ..

Affichage 1 à 12 de 526 (44 Pages)