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ALTAIR by Handy Altan & Agus Tjiu


Altair is a set of coins that creates visual effects from vanishing, transposition, penetration and the limit is your imagination.6 featured routines included:Altair MatrixTwin Coins TeleportationCoin..

Tora Magic

Infinite Money by Tora Magic - Euro

Disponible le 10 mars

Everybody wishes plain papers turn to money! And you can make poeple`s wish come true by having one of these for you: you can magically transform papers to money!A very quick transformation happens in..

Flashtrix by Lee Myung-joon


Transform your coin magic with FlashTrix's LED wand, the ultimate tool for modern magicians. With its built-in magnet and intricate black art effects, you'll effortlessly elevate your performances, le..

Sleightly Absurd by Charlie Frye - Book


An inspiring, vivid volume like no other! Sleightly Absurd is a journey through the mind of a mastermind-Charlie Frye. Within its pages, you'll find a slew of hard won secrets he has developed, refine..

Buddha Box Shimmed Lid (Quarter Dollar) by Chazpro


Buddha Shimmed Lid - The design of the Buddha Coin boxes are not just for looks! The curved sides, as well as other design features, make a number of the standard Okito box moves a breeze. The routine..

Andrew Mayne

Ghost Coin 2.0 by Andrew


This eyepopping effect has been further improved with a self contained locking mechanism that makes the handling very easy!We're sure you've never seen anything like it: the perfect gimmick to add to ..

Okito Box Natural

Disponible le 20 mars

EFFECT 1 - The magician puts one or more coins into the Box and closes it with the lid. He places it on the back of his hand and then taps the lid. Magically the coins fall on the table penetrati..

Progressive Bills (Gimmicks and Online Instruction...


A routine right out of Meir Yedid's professional stage and parlor acts. One he has been performing for most of his career. This is a quick version of the bill repeat plot that is logical, self-working..

Tumi Magic presents Sweet Bill by Snake


The art of transforming objects is incredible and even more so if it is done with organic elements that people know.From the creator of Twister Flavor by Erick White presents his new project Sweet Bil..

Morgan Replica Magnetic Scotch and Soda


The magician slowly displayed two coins, one silver and one copper, which were clearly placed in the audience's hand. The audience clenched the hand into a fist and reopened it. The copper coins magic..

More Collected Writings of Glenn Gravatt by Glenn ...


Glenn Gravatt was an extremely prolific creator and writer of magic books. Here is a complete collection of his writings during the years after the release of his Collected Writings. The book contains..

Twister Magic

FLICK-IT by Manuel Seminario & Twister Magic


Manuel Seminario is a young and talented Peruvian magician; he has performed multiple times throughout his career and has specialized himself in creating powerful and deceptive gimmicks.Manuel present..

Affichage 1 à 12 de 1290 (108 Pages)