Flosso (Gimmicks and Online Instructions) by Chuck Crespo and Magic Smith

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Flosso (Gimmicks and Online Instructions) by Chuck Crespo and Magic Smith

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    Chuck Crespo's Flosso is a classic of magic - but miniaturized and completely organic. Watch the video - seeing is believing.

    Right in front of their noses, 2 floss picks link together. Just as cleanly, the flossers magically melt apart - a matter-through-matter that leaves everyone blinking.

    For the climax, the 2 flossers unlink by themselves and fall right into the spectators' hands. Best of all, you're left completely clean! You'll love Chuck's thinking behind this - you're so far ahead there's no way they can reconstruct what just happened.

    Flosso is easy to perform - anyone can do it. You can be carefree with the moves because the prop's foolproof - spectator's can stare directly at the method and not see it - its that clean. Additionally, it can be repeated in front of the same audience as many times as you like without revealing its secret.

    Flosso's a real head scratcher that leaves your audience's dumbfounded - and convinced you can do the impossible. Flosso not only fits in your pocket... it belongs there.

    Chuck Crespo's Flosso includes all gimmicks plus detailed online video instructions.