Septembre 2022

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Final Penetration by Mikame


Final Penetration is a phenomenal piece of classical block penetration magic. Nothing has changed much for the Block Penetration routine for years but Mikame's Final Penetration is a revival of a soli..

Himitsu Magic

CANPOSSIBLE by Hawin & Himitsu Magic


Visual explosion of color changes, different prophecies can also be made with different drinks, and even different items such as silk scarves, snowflakes, etc. can be changed!!The CanPossible of Boo M..

Handlordz, LLC

Card Masters Precious Metals (Foil) Playing Cards ...


LIMITED EDITION Precious Metals Edition with 4 foil box - Card Masters - The MUST HAVE Deck of the year! "De'vo's Signature Series Card Masters" Precious Metals is the embodiment of unique and beautif..

Shield Playing Cards Deluxe Edition by Card Mafia


The Shield Deluxe Edition. The design is set on a solemn Black Foil background, with the Shield traced in Purple Foil lines, symbolizing Athena's great wisdom. The overall style appears almost industr..

Hanson Chien Presents Crazy Sam's Handcuffs by Sam...


"This trick looks like REAL MAGIC."- Michael Ammar"This is the revolution of Crazy Man's Handcuffs."- Hanson ChienBASIC EFFECTA HYPER visual rubber band penetration effect where a rubber band is stret..

CHANGELING (Gimmicks and Online Instructions) by P...


"Changeling" by Peter Eggink A super visual, hands-off card change.A card is selected (signed) by the spectator and returned in the pack. Next, the cards are shuffled and a random card is sandwiched i..


Bicycle Sketch Playing Cards


The tuck box for the Draft Bicycle Deck emulates a blueprint drawing pad. The black bounding at the top wraps over to the front and back, and the sides graphically feature the individual edges of each..


Bicycle 2 Faced Blue (Mirror Deck Same Both Sides)...


So, you're ready to take your magic up a notch?Murphy's Magic's, 2 Faced (Mirror Deck Same Both Sides) Bicycle Playing Cards will make you look like a pro as you perform your best tricks and sleights ..

Arrow Playing Cards Deluxe Edition by Card Mafia


The Arrow Deluxe Edition. The design is set on a solemn Black Foil background, with the Arrow traced in Red Foil lines, symbolizing Apollo's bright vision and passion. The overall style appears almost..

PORTAL (Gimmicks & Online Instruction) by Pete...


We all are familiar with the "Acme Black Hole" featured in cartoon classics -"Portal" is a close-up illusion that mimics this effect on a playing card. A clever, new gimmick & handling makes this ..


Oxalis (Teal Edition) Playing Cards


The deck of cards Oxalis wants to represent the beauty of nature and all its characteristics. The word 'Oxalis' comes from the Latin and refers to a plant with leaves rich in oxalic acid and slightly ..

BEKOS RED by Jeff McBride & Alan Wong


B.E.K.O.S.RED by Jeff McBride and Alan WongBEST EVER KNOTS OFF SILK RED EDITIONLearn it in minutes.Master it in an hour. Perform it for a lifetime!! Jeff McBride's BEKOS has rapidly become a Modern Cl..

Affichage 1 à 12 de 224 (19 Pages)