MISTER DANGER 2023 by Tenyo Magic

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MISTER DANGER 2023 by Tenyo Magic

  • Disponible le 30 Octobre
    • Prix en points de fidélité: 27
    • Fabricants Tenyo Magic
    • Code produit: MR73151-10-30
    • Points Fidélité: 2
    • Disponibilité: Unavailable
    The ultimate sword penetration!


    A fully-automatic tabletop illusion!

    Insert a solid, person-shaped figurine into the case, and close the lid. The lid contains many small holes directly above the figurine. One by one, insert a sword into each hole, passing each blade right through the person! When you remove the swords and open the lid, the figurine is completely intact, without a single hole or scratch on its body!The figurine fits exactly into the case, with no place to escape the swords.

    This magic trick is completely self-working. And, once you learn the clever way it is gimmicked, you will be surprised yet again!