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Sergey Koller

PRESTIGE 2.0 STAGE (No Elastics) by Sergey Koller ...


PRESTIGE 2.0 STAGE:Size is twice bigger A4 (8.3 x 11.7 inches) instead of A5 (5.8 x 8.3 inches) size Threads never break! System works on gravity Quality of flaps, papers and plastic sleeves is better..

Joel Dickinson

Picture Consequences (Gimmicks and Online Instruct...

Disponible le 30 janvier

Picture Consequences is fun, colorful and engaging.Finally, a routine that is perfect for all age groups and guarantees to leave everybody baffled.Under the guise of a game, your participant (or parti..

Acidus Envelopes by Richard Osterlind - Book


The Acidus legacy continues!Millard Longman has long been one of the moving forces in modern mentalism! His Acidus Novus and Acidus Globus have become classics. There is hardly a mentalist alive who d..

Beyond Magick by Richard Osterlind - Book


A journey into the golden past of mentalism!In the late 80's and early 90's, Richard contributed a number of effects to Bascom Jones' brilliant Magick magazine. After over 30 years, and with the full ..

Matthew Wright

BEYOND REFORM (Gimmicks and Online Instruction) by...


Beyond Reform is a super visual, super easy to do, torn and restored card unlike anything else before it.An incredible mis-made card restoration signed by 4 different people and restored in a unique a..

4X4 by Quique Marduk


The illusionist hands an envelope with a prediction to a spectator to hold it until the end of the routine.Next, he calls 4 spectators and places a plate with a number on each one (numbers 1 to 4) han..


Mind reading slate by UDAY


A must possess item for mind-readers. A slate is shown to be blank on both sides and kept in an empty envelope. A card is chosen by the spectator from a full deck. When the slate is removed from the e..

Joel Dickinson

Volition blue chip by Joel Dickinson


THINK YOU HAVE FREE WILL? THINK AGAIN!New & improved design poker chips with a brand new force method!Volition Blue Chip 2.0 can pack a punch in a minute or it's a hard hitting, five minute routin..


Mind Reading Clock by Uday


A close-up item looking like a miniature clock, apt for mind-readers. Time is set on the clock as per the spectators choice. When the other side of the clock is displayed, it shows the same time, whic..

Gee Magic

LEGO FRAME by Gustavo Sereno and Gee Magic


With Lego Frame you will be able to change a Lego image for another in an unbelievable way. The change is so impossible that you may not believe this is real Lego. BUT IT IS. Lego Frame comes with 30 ..


Advanced Bolt and Nut by Uday Jadugar


A clever item which challenges all the old principles of removing the ring secured between the nut and a locked bolt. A highly recommend item, suitable for close-up and parlor shows...

Mastering the Art of Magic by Eugene Burger


In response to overwhelming demand, Eugene Burger's, the long out-of-print, Mastering the Art of Magic Book has been reprinted. It is an oversized hardcover with dustjacket, printed on quality acid-fr..

Affichage 1 à 12 de 1820 (152 Pages)