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Heartless Abyss Playing Cards by Thirdway Industries

  • €64,90
    • Prix en points de fidélité: 65
    • Fabricants Thirdway Industries
    • Code produit: MRCRT2510
    • Points Fidélité: 6
    • Disponibilité: Disponible sous 7 à 10 jours
    Heartless Abyss is a series about the Nether, an alternative and funny Hell where demons lost their Hearts. It's designed by Thirdway Industries, with gold foil on card backs and a luxury, custom tuck box made in Italy by Boschiero & Newton.
    • Gold foil on card backs
    • Metallic inks (gold and red) on faces
    • Luxury Tuck box with 2 foils outside, 1 foil inside and premium matte paper.
    • Limited edition of 2000 decks (not sealed)
    • Cards printed by Cartamundi, box made by Boschiero & Newton