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Bicycle Rounders Playing Cards by Madison & Ellusionist - Black

  • €10,88


    • Prix en points de fidélité: 10
    • Fabricants Ellusionist
    • Code produit: DFELBIC191-MR-P
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    "I tried more than 50 different types of cards and finishes to find and create what for me is the perfect stack of cards. I wanted to create a deck of cards that somehow reflected in a simple, my style and my ideals. cards Madison Rounders, are beautifully minimal in their design, are bold and strong with only three colors used throughout, and have an ace of spades suitable for any casino.
    With the help of Jeff Lianza, Peter Mckinnon, Ellusionist team and of my closest friends, I am proud to present Madison Rounders. "- Daniel Madison.
    • Quality Ellusionist.